Saturday 8 June 2013

Daily League Sudoku #19: Renban Sudoku

This week we again have a more familiar puzzle type, namely Renban Sudoku. It took a few tries to get this one right again. It is too easy to run into no solutions if you don't pay attention. I think it's a nice puzzle, although I generally prefer my more puzzly Sudokus, where the extra rule pushes the solve more. I think people who are more into Sudoku will enjoy these better. I think they more enjoy solving the Sudoku like deductions than trying to figure out how I managed to use a trickier rule. I doubt this Sudoku should cause too much trouble to the best solvers and is again on the easier side.

Recap of the last Daily League week:
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Monday: Cross Number Sudoku by Benz Liang
Tuesday: Thermo Killer Sudoku by Prasanna Seshadri
Wednesday: Quad Max Sudoku by Bastien Vial-Jaime
Thursday: Anti-Knight Sudoku by Jakub Hrazdira
Friday: Classic Sudoku by Tom Collyer

Daily League PDF:
Week 19

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku each area of connected grey cells must contain a set of consecutive digits. The digits don't have to be in order.


  1. Is 9 ever consecutive with 1?

    1. No, they're never consecutive. I think otherwise it would become a very unmanagable constraint here.

  2. Usually 1 and 9 are not considered consecutive in renban sudokus, but I haven't tried the puzzle yet so I will let Bram confirm this.