Saturday 16 November 2013

Daily League #34: Arrow Sudoku

This week a more familiar variant. Arrow Sudoku has been around for a while now and there's been many nice puzzles made. I hope this one is also enjoyable.
I decided to go for a similar layout as my Renban Sudoku I made a while back for the league. I thought it would work well with Arrow Sudoku too. I was able to give fewer givens though as the arrow already forces some placement because of the direction. I shortly considered making a directionless Arrow Sudoku, where the circle could be at either end, but this layout wasn't very friendly for that variant. At first I had a harder variant of this Sudoku, but it took me too long to solve it myself while knowing the openings because the middle and end ran a lot on very complex interactions between the arrows that I really couldn't justify logically. So I revamped it a little to make it more solvable. The harder opening is still in this puzzle but it is no longer needed to solve the puzzle as there's a more friendly path through the puzzle.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku a number of arrows are given with a circle at the end. The digit in a circle is equal to the sum of the digits along its arrow. Digits may repeat along an arrow as long as they don't break any Sudoku rules.

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