Sunday, 20 December 2015

Daily League #52: Quad Max Sudoku

This is the third puzzle in the 'Quad Sudoku' series. This time once again a common variant. I picked this type as it's not an arithmetic variant and many of the Quad variants are arithmetic in nature. It's also a type that I enjoy solving.
In the design I wanted to see how far I could get with just Quad Max clues. I knew that eventually had to use givens as there is no way to differentiate between 1s and 2s with these clues. I think the design worked out well. The puzzle in the end has four givens. One of them is not necessary for uniqueness, but I wanted to keep the symmetry and it didn't ruin the solving path. The last few digits are a bit tricky, but I thought it was okay with so few digits remaining.

Rules for Sudoku 

In this Sudoku, an arrow on a grid point points to the highest digit in the four cells around it. Digits may repeat around an arrow, but the highest digit is always unique.

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