Wednesday 10 July 2013

Puzzle #161: Yajilin

At the point of this post I'll probably be somewhere above Asia. I'm too lazy to properly work out where my plane should be. I'm flying to Australia today. Hopefully there will be no problems and I'll get through customs there without any problems. Watching those border control shows really makes it look a bit scary. But I'm smart enough to not stock half my suitcase with food, so that should be okay, right?

The puzzles I'm posting today I made a while back, but never ended up being used where I made them for. As I now know they won't be in there, I can safely post them here. I think they worked out well. The first one was intended to symmetrical too, except I couldn't make it unique with the opening I had used. But then I noticed I could make it unique if I were to remove one of the clue squares. I think it worked out well. The second one uses some logic I don't often manage to put in these smaller Yajilin puzzles. I'm not sure if it will get noticed though. I think it works out nicely and is very reminiscent of my other Yajilins.

Rules for Yajilin

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2