Saturday 13 July 2013

Puzzle #162: Pentopia

I should be in Australia by now, getting used to driving on the left, kangaroos and koalas, still not liking meat pies and trying to understand what cold means in Australia. This post is written 6 days ago though, so I might be completely wrong.

These two puzzles I have also written earlier. Checking the number of tags on my blog, it's no surprise that I would have chosen to write Yajilin and Pentopia puzzles. They're just types that come very easy to me and I always find fun to write and hope people actually like to solve. But they generally seem well received. Pentopia featured on the USPC this year, after also featuring on the WPC last year. They've also been published in Breinbrekers. So I guess that means it is getting more exposure than just my blog.
The puzzles are pretty good. The first one is a 10 clue puzzle that has a fun opening, but I couldn't get it unique with that 10th clue in a symmetrical position, so I moved one of the clues to acchieve a unique puzzle. The second puzzle has an easy opening, but takes a bit more finesse to finish.

Rules for Pentopia

Puzzle #1

Puzzle #2

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