Monday 19 September 2011

Puzzle #11: Tapa; Cross out

Tapa is one of my favourite genres and i'll probably attempt to design more of these puzzles along the way. A lot has been done with this variationwise, especially through the TVC contests. I'm not too creative ideawise, so I'll most likely start picking my favourite variants and make some of these.
This puzzle is a slight variant, which I'm pretty sure has been done before, but I can't directly recollect it. I've seen it the other way around recently though.

Rules for Tapa

Every clue cell has an extra clue number in it. Cross out the extra one and solve the remaining puzzle.


  1. Very Nice puzzles. Took time to open the puzzle. Once started then it was logical walk.

  2. Hi !
    I'm training on this genre, but I'm stuck on this one. Can you give me a little hint on where to start please ?

    1. It's a tricky opening. The opening lies in the right top using the 234, 12 and 122 clues. There's a key cell you have to determine there that has to be coloured, which then sets off the rest. It remains tricky, but it will be easier to see than the rest.