Thursday 15 September 2011

Puzzle #7: Hi-Lo Frame Sudoku

I took this puzzle type from the Dutch Sudoku Championship. It was my favourite puzzle in the set (puzzle #6). I hadn't seen this variant before. Not a very creative name I gave it, but I think it covers the idea.

Rules for Sudoku

In this sudoku, the numbers on the outside indicate the sum of the highest and lowest digit in the first three cells seen from that side.


  1. The hardest puzzle in this site, or I am not a too good sudoku solver :)

    Ienjoyed this variation, better than the normal Frame sudoku :)

  2. I think it's relatively hard. You need to know the tricks to this genre. That's why I added the Dutch Sudoku Championship link and said what puzzle it was. If you solve that one first, you'll pick up the logic information needed for this genre.

    I like it better too. I don't think Frame Sudoku is a bad genre, but it's very limiting. That's why I came up with the Frameless Sudoku before, to expand its possibilities.

  3. Nice straightforward path here. Its all about the threeway decisions and actually gets easier with whacky shapes, so this was a nice tight solve. Thanks.


  4. Thanks, I'm assuming your post was supposed to go with the Double Back Puzzle. Wacky shapes doesn't mean much for a Sudoku grid.