Monday 19 September 2011

Rules: Tapa

This genre was developed by Serkan Yürekli.

Colour some cells to create a single contiguous shape. The shape can't have any 2 by 2 coloured areas. The clues in the grid tell you how many consecutive cells around it have to be coloured. If there's more than one digit in a cell, the groups of cells have to be seperated by at least one empty cell. Cells with clues remain empty.


  1. I dont understand your solution.
    The 5 is OK but the others ?
    Can you explain me more ?
    Thanks and greetings.

    1. I have edited the example as I found out the example wasn't unique. I have replaced the 5 with a 7.

      Each clue denotes how many of the 8 cells around it have to be coloured. So the 7 clue has 7 cells coloured around it, the 122 clues has 1+2+2 = 5 cells coloured around it. Both 12 clues have 1+2 cells coloured around it.

      Besides that, the digits also indicate how the coloured cell are distributed around the square.
      So the 7 clue indicates that you get 7 cells coloured in a single section. So no white squares can seperate the coloured squares from eachother. As you can see when you go around it from the top middle cell counterclockwise you encounter 7 coloured cells and then 1 empty cell. So that's one coloured section of 7 cells.

      The 122 clue indicates that you have one section of a single cell and 2 sections of 2 coloured cells around it. As you can see when you go around the cell clockwise starting at the top left cell, you get 2 coloured cells, then an empty cells, then 2 coloured cells, then an empty cell, then 1 coloured cell, then an empty cell. So you have one section of 2 coloured cells, then another section of 2 coloured cells and then a section of 1 coloured cells; this is what the clue was asking for.

      Now if you try the same for the 1-2 clues, you can see when going around it in both clues you encounter a section of 1 coloured cells and a section of 2 coloured cells.

      I've added an image seperating the clue cells. This might make it easier to visualise how to count the clue cells.

      I hope this helps.