Sunday 1 November 2015

Daily League #45: Clone Or Extra Region Sudoku

After a Daily League hiatus of over a year, I've written a number of Sudokus again. I'm planning on keeping it up for a while.

For this month, all my Sudokus will fall in a particular theme. This theme is "A or B Sudoku". This means that clues for two different genres appear in the Sudoku and it's up to you to figure out which clues are part of which genre. The reason for this theme is that one of my favourite Sudokus I have written for the Daily League was my Ace Sudoku. I really enjoyed writing that puzzle, playing around with getting the different rules having to be used in different areas. I think it's a fun solve personally. So I started playing around with different rules that are normally presented in the same way. When I had a few out, I decided I would be posting them in the Daily League.
The first puzzle is a combination of Clone and Extra Region. I first searched for a nice layout that allowed for multiple 9 cell areas that don't touch each other. The three I-shaped regions look nice and work well together. I think the combination worked out well, but can probably be improved on a bit.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku each grey area is either an Extra Region Sudoku or a Clone Sudoku clue. A Extra Region Sudoku clue contains the digits 1~9 exactly once. A Clone Sudoku clue has the exact same digits in the same place as one or more of the other grey areas, without rotation or reflection. Different grey areas can obey different rules.

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