Sunday 22 November 2015

Daily League #48: Edge Sums or Frame Sudoku

This is the fourth puzzle in my 'A or B Sudoku' series. It's a combination between Edge Sums and Frame Sudoku.

These two type are pretty similar. One uses the sum of the first two cells and the other the sum of the first three cells. I find both types fun to solve, but I do think they get the same pretty fast. There's a few variations on them that make them a bit more interesting, like Hi-Lo Frame Sudoku and Frameless Sudoku. I thought the combination of the two and three cell sums might make it more interesting. I am happy with how the puzzle turned out, especially getting the ending to work with so few clues was fun to figure out. Hope you enjoy it too.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku the numbers on the outside indicate the sum of the digits in the first two or first three cells seen in that row or column from that direction. The number of digits can differ between different sums.

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