Friday, 27 June 2014

Daily League Sudoku #44: Numpad Sudoku

Here is again a new variant, as far as I'm aware of. But if you really think about it, it's pretty similar to variants that have been used before. I think the tricky part is the fact that the horizontal and vertical rules aren't completely similar. The variant is based off the Numeric Keypad (or Numpad) you find on computer keyboards. On the off chance that someone is not familiar with its design, the given digits are in the design of one.
The puzzle has a narrow solve path through the opening, but finishes off pretty quickly towards the end. I hope it's enjoyable.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku a dot is given between 2 horizontally adjacent digits if they are horizontally adjacent on a Numeric Keypad. A dot is given between 2 vertically adjacent digits if they are vertically adjacent on a Numeric Keypad. All possible dots have been given.


  1. Wei-Hwa created a "keypad sudoku" for the US Sudoku Team Qualifying tournament 2011, but the rules were not exactly the same.

    1. Yeah, that one sounds somewhat familiar. The main intention of this variant was to have different rules for horizontal and vertical clues. This seemed a good theme to do that in.

  2. So can the 9 be right below the 6 and get a dot or does it have to be below it? Since the rules merely say 'vertically adjacent' I suppose either way is fine?

  3. Yes, a dot is given when a 9 is directly below or above a 6.

  4. Hi Para,

    You have an impressive blog with lots of different variations of Sudoku! I've created a new Sudoku that I bet you haven't seen before. What's the best way to send it to you?