Wednesday 9 March 2016

UKPA Open 2016 Team Round: Stacked

The UKPA Open 2016 was held in Croydon on February 27th-28th. As an intermission between the competition and the ceremonies there are team rounds to keep the competitors busy so they don't cause any trouble. I provided one of the team rounds.

The concept of this team round is a bit easier than last year's. All puzzles in this set are unique by themselves. The interaction between the puzzles doesn't come till you have solved them. I tried to rank the puzzles so people could divide the puzzles between their solvers appropriately. Once you've solved all puzzles the second step of the solve comes into play. You have to divide all puzzles in three sets of 4 puzzles, one from each genre, so that all solutions, when placed on top of each other, use every cell at least once. I thought it would be an interesting idea and I think it worked out well.

I uploaded two versions of the team round onto the drive. The files contain a detailed example of the round structure. File #1 has all puzzles of the genre on a single page, easier when solving alone. File #2 has each puzzle on a single page, easier when solving together with others.

Puzzles can be found below. Enjoy.

Monday 7 March 2016

UKPA Open 2016: Individual Round

The UKPA Open 2016 was held in Croydon on February 27th-28th. Tom Collyer was the winner of the Sudoku competition, with Mark Goodliffe finishing in second and Heather Golding in third. Neil Zussman won the Puzzle competition, with Tom Collyer finishing in second and Steve Barge in third.

I contributed an individual round for the puzzle event and a team round. This post will contain all puzzles from the individual round. The team round will be posted in a separate post.

Puzzles can be found below.