Sunday 25 November 2018

World Puzzle Championship Puzzles - Round 12

The last set of puzzles are from round 12. This was the innovative round. There were a few types in there that were interesting to write. My favourite two types were Inner ABC and Coral with Letters. I think those are also the nicest puzzles in this set. One rule that popped up a lot in this championship was the "Worms" rule of alternating higher and lower digits within a path of numbers. It's probably not a rule that will be used much in the future. It didn't really strike me as a rule that added much to any of the puzzles.

Saturday 24 November 2018

World Puzzle Championship Puzzles - Round 6

Round 6 had puzzles that were all combinations of different types of puzzles. There were some interesting ideas, but I doubt many of these will be seen more often again in future puzzle sets.

There's a few puzzles in here that I'm pretty happy with. The Starwacky puzzle is a nice solve. Snail on Snake worked out pretty well because it didn't need any extra given numbers, except for the head and tail. Galaxies and Tetrominoes is my favourite in the set, because it really forces the two types to work together.
The other puzzles should also be nice to solve.

Friday 23 November 2018

World Puzzle Championship Puzzles - Round 3

I wrote a number of practice puzzles for myself, to help prepare for the World Puzzle Championships this year. I didn't have as much time to prepare, but it helped in the long run. Some people wanted to see them afterwards, so I promised to post them all on my blog.

I only really made puzzles for three rounds on the championship: Round 3, Round 6 and Round 12. This post contains puzzles from Round 3.
Most puzzles were overall a bit harder than the puzzles at the actual championship, because I took a bit more liberty with the design of most puzzles, especially in the amount of clues given. One puzzle ended up being broken, but I guess it still helped in a way to find out the logic in the genre.
For examples, please check the WPC instruction booklet.