Saturday, 17 August 2013

Daily League Sudoku #25: MaxiMini Sum Sudoku

I think this is also a new idea, but I can hardly know all Sudoku ideas. It's not really anything revolutionary, but I like how it worked out. I already did a similar idea before except it used maximum difference. I also added the minimum constraint here as it helped set up openings. The more frequent Daily League puzzles might get a feeling of deja-vu. This puzzle will probably again turn out on the harder side as the steps are pretty restrictive in order for the opening and it's not till the end that there's a bit more freedom on which clues to use. I've noticed that generally seems to be the deciding factor in what makes my puzzle hard or not. I hope people enjoy it though, I think it's a good solve.

Recap of the last Daily League week:
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Monday: Even Queens Sudoku by Sina Hera
Tuesday: Renban Groups Sudoku by Prasanna Seshadri
Wednesday: Killer Sudoku by Bastien Vial-Jaime
Thursday: One Way Multi-Diagonal Sudoku by Rishi Puri
Friday: Extra Regions Sudoku by Tom Collyer

Daily League PDF's:
Week 29
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Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku there are clues on the outside of the grid. Numbers above or left of the grid indicate the maximum sum of two adjacent digits in that row or column. Numbers below or right of the grid indicate the minimum sum of two adjacent digits in that row or column. Each given sum appears at least once in that row or column.

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