Monday, 12 August 2013

World Puzzle Championship 2013: 80 puzzle around the world and blog

Here are some announcements about the 2013 World Puzzle Championship.

This year's WSC/WPC will be held from October 12th-October 19th in Beijing, China. Any additional information can be found on

There will also be a blog with information specifically about the World Puzzle Championship hosted by the Hungarian organisation on the following link:

Lastly, there's a new initiative tested in this year's WPC. There will be numerous outside puzzle contributing teams, each preparing a set of puzzles to solve. This round is called "Around The World in 80 Puzzles", a play on the famous Jules Verne novel. There are four contributing teams, from four different countries, each providing a set of 20 puzzles each. One of the four sets is provided by me and three other Dutch puzzle authors: Hans Eendebak, Tim Peeters and Richard Stolk. If you want to read more about it, you can on the following link:

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