Sunday 15 November 2015

Daily League #47: Palindrome Or Rising Sudoku

Here is the third puzzle in my 'A or B Sudoku' series. This time it is a combination between Palindrome Sudoku and Rising Sudoku. Rising Sudoku might be a bit unfamiliar. It's basically a Thermometer Sudoku without a bulb to indicate the low point of the line. I saw them more often years ago, but I think now Thermometer Sudoku has become a bit more the go-to genre.
I wasn't sure if this combination would work very well. It was a bit hard to figure out how to get a start in this Sudoku, without giving away too many givens. The construction was a bit troublesome as I ran into situations without a solution far too often. The problem was that a lot of areas wouldn't resolve themselves early in the solve and by the time they did, there would be a contradiction with clues I had laid out in the meantime. In the end, I think the puzzle worked out nicely.

Rules of Sudoku

In this Sudoku a grey line is either a Palindrome Sudoku or a Rising Sudoku clue. In a Palindrome Sudoku clue the digits along the grey line form a Palindromic sequence; the sequence can be read the same from either end. In a Rising Sudoku clue, the digits form a rising sequence from one end to the other. This sequence does not have to be an arithmetic sequence. Different grey lines can conform to different rules.

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