Sunday 29 November 2015

Daily League #49: Descriptive Pairs or Next To Nine Sudoku

This is the fifth puzzle in my 'A or B Sudoku' series. It is a combination of Descriptive Pairs Sudoku and Next To Nine Sudoku. I thought I might be able to combine these genres as they both use two digits for clues.
These are two types that suit my design style a bit more, because I like designing Sudokus without any givens in the grid. It was a bit hard to find a good opening, so I went for a relatively obvious opening clue. The opening is pretty narrow and it takes a while for the solve to open up a bit. I'm pretty happy how it turned out. I thought the two types work well together.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku each pair of digits is either a Descriptive Pairs Sudoku clue or a Next To Nine Sudoku clue. In a Descriptive Pairs Sudoku clue, one of the digits indicates the position of the other digit in that row or column when looking from that side. A Next To Nine Sudoku clue indicates the two digits that border the 9 in that row or column. Different clues can conform to different rules.

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