Sunday, 24 April 2016

Daily League #66: Round Off Sudoku

This is the last puzzle that was originally written for the Polish Sudoku Championships.

The last puzzle is a Round Off Sudoku. I've solved a number of them, but had never written them. Most of these puzzles were written by Richard. I wanted to give a nice pattern with relatively few cages. I thought the problem would be getting it unique, but at the start I ran into a lot of situations where there was no solution left. When I finally figured out where I was messing it up, it was still a struggle to get it right. I had a few puzzles that turned out a bit too hard, where I didn't think it would fit into a puzzle competition. The opening created a few sticking points I had to avoid, which would easily lead to uniqueness issues that I had no way to fix. This was the puzzle that came out in the end. It shouldn't be too hard. Enjoy.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku, the grid has a number of marked two cell dotted cages. The two digits in these cages form a two digit number read from left to right. The number in these cages indicates this number rounded off to the nearest multiple of 10. Numbers ending to 1-4 are rounded down, numbers ending in 5-9 are rounded up.

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  1. Such an elegant design, and an enjoyable solving path. Liked a transition from the left 3rd along the bottom.. Thanks!