Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Puzzle #124: Doppelblock

I'm back again to posting. Hopefully for a while. The Olympics were the main contributing factor to me not posting. I spend most my free time watching the Olympics. I didn't really find the time to create puzzles then.

Today we have three Doppelblock puzzles. It's originally from Naoki Inaba, I'm going with the German name from crocopuzzle. Simple name, but it sounds nice. Serkan Yurekli gave it an English name in Smashed Sums, but I didn't particularly like that name.
When I first saw this genre on crocopuzzle, I liked it. Although crocopuzzle regularly has this small minimal puzzle that is a bit annoying to solve as it's too had to discover the logical path. The larger ones are always nicer, but tend to have givens in the middle. This makes them a bit less elegant to me. It feels a bit similar as givens in skyscraper grids.
I think the puzzles worked out well. Nothing too difficult, but something to keep you busy for a little while. This puzzle type will also appear in the UK Puzzle Championship over the upcoming weekend, so it will be nice practise in this genre for those competing. It was merely a coincidence though. I had made these puzzles before the instruction booklet came out.

Rules for Doppelblock

Easy Puzzle

Medium Puzzle

Hard Puzzle

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