Thursday 15 November 2012

Puzzle #139: ABC Decoder

This weekend is the Word Show test on Logic Master India, written by Nikola Zivanovic. It features 12 different puzzle types which all involve words. It includes standard puzzles types like Scrabble and Word Search, but also common puzzle types featuring words, like Word Nurikabe, Full Tapa and Sigma Snake. there are a few examples of some types on my blog. There's a Full Tapa in my TVC XI practise set, a Snail's Nest in my European Championship set (although the actual one will probably be more like the one featured at this year's USPC) and a Word Nurikabe from last year's 24 Hour Puzzle Championship, which I haven't seen anywhere else.
Today's puzzle will be an ABC Decoder. It's a type I always really enjoy. Part of the reason is that Richard Stolk always makes really nice ones. These feature often in Breinbrekers. They always have some nice theme going on in the words. I've made a few of these puzzles before, one of them featured in my LMI Hybrids test. It was made a bit easier so it would be more suitable for a puzzle competition. This puzzle features all puzzle genres. It is most likely harder than the one that will feature on the test, but it will still be good practise on how to solve these types of puzzles.


Every letter is encoded with a different integer from 1~26. In the given set of Puzzle Genres all letters occur except the letter Q. The numbers behind the words indicate the sum of the value of each letter in each word. Determine the value of all letters.


  1. If I am to mention about Nikola's word contest:

    -Hidden words appeared so many times in previous 24 HPC, especially in Lazslo Osvalt's part, like:

    - Word Nurikabe: This is my puzzle, I made for the first time for OAPC 3, and also it appeared in 18th WPC Finals. Its name was not Word Nurikabe, I used "Islands of Numbers"

    - Snail's Nest, it's actually Four Snails. I made Snail's Nest puzzle for this year USPC based on Nikola's idea. If I know correctly this puzzle did not appear with more snails before. So I followed this, and I made it for USPC 2012.

    - Word Lab. It's name is not Word Lab. It appeared in previous WPC's (2006 Bulgaria) Vladimir made some of them. Maybe Vladimir's idea, I'm not sure

    - Word Connection is a Japanese puzzle, also JPC puzzle. It appeared in 2011 USPC too

    -Words Stairs is my puzzle, I made it for the first time in OAPC6

    - Also Sigma Snake is my puzzle, it appeared first time in 7th 24 HPC,also

    - Scrabble, it's not the first name. This is USPC puzzle, also I made for 19th WPC. It's name is "A to Z Crisscross"

    1. Well the Island of Numbers isn't completely the same. It uses Snakes instead of Islands and multiple letters can be part of the same word. It changes the solving a bit, especially as in Word Nurikabe the words can touch itself.