Saturday 21 December 2013

Daily League Sudoku #39: Palindrome Killer Sudoku

Today's Sudoku is themed around today's date. As the date is a palindrome, the choice of Sudoku was easy. I chose for the combination with Killer Sudoku as I could use 21 and 12 easily in that variant.
The puzzle has a somewhat complicated opening. But I hope that people will understand where to look considering the choice of combined variants. If not, I guess there's very little to get in this one. But when the opening's finished, the solve should solve without much problems.I'm still happy with the Sudoku overall. I think the 21/12 layout of cages looks really nice and the way the palindrome resolves the obvious non-uniqueness worked out really well. I hope people will feel the same. Enjoy.

Instead of given numbers, you now have a few dashed cages. The number in a cage indicates the sum of the digits in the cage. Digits can't be repeated in any dashed cage. Additionally, digits along a grey line must form a palindromic sequence.

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  1. Very nice design. And good to solve. Great combination.

  2. Is the line supposed to be somebody's profile?

    1. No. That's purely random. But I noticed that too after I had made the image that it looked a bit like a guy with a hat.