Saturday 28 December 2013

Daily League Sudoku #40: Inside Skyscraper Sudoku

Today's puzzle is a Skyscraper Sudoku variant. This is a more Logic Puzzle variant of Sudoku. I normally would represent this as a Regional variant of Skyscraper puzzles. The Sudoku part doesn't often come forward as much as the Skyscraper part during the solve. But as I always like Skyscraper Sudokus, I figured I'd make one too. This variant sometimes has all possible arrows given, but I prefer it without this rule. A lot of the smaller numbers end up being unnecessarily given an arrow there, although the negative information is also fun to use. I just prefer it this way.
I had set up this opening a few weeks ago, but I was not able to finish the puzzle successfully. After a few more tries, I came up with this puzzle. I was originally intending to make the clue arrangement symmetric, but as you can't just put a clue everywhere that caused some problems. This was the point where the puzzle ended up being unique. I liked the way it solved at the end, with a somewhat tricky step to finish the puzzle. So that's why I settled for this one. I had a little trouble finding a satisfying layout, but I think this one should do. If someone has a suggestion that could work better, I might change the image. Having said that, enjoy the puzzle.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku each digit indicates the height of a Skyscraper. Digits in cells with arrows indicate the number of buildings that can be seen in the direction of the arrow from that cell. Taller buildings block the view of smaller buildings.

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