Friday 29 July 2016

Puzzle #192: Magnets

Two weeks ago was the Dutch round of the WPF Grand Prix 2016. I wrote all the puzzles for this set, both the casual and competitive section. The sets can be found on the following links: Casual and Competitive. Not all puzzles I had written were used as the set, either because they were not needed or were too difficult. This post contains the puzzles of one type that weren't used.

This post contains four Magnets puzzles. One of them I never submitted, as I thought it would be too hard, but it's still a nice solve. I enjoy solving magnets puzzles, but the puzzles I write tend to turn out pretty hard. I've come to write more magnets puzzles these days that don't have all clues given. I find them more interesting that way. It leaves all clues being useful till the end. The first puzzle is an easier small puzzle. It uses some standard techniques to open up the puzzle. The second puzzle is a bit harder. It uses the interaction between different rows and columns much more. The third puzzle was a similar layout as the first. It works on some standard logic to start off as well. The fourth puzzle is also a larger version of the second puzzle. One clue per row and column usually seems to work the nicest for me.

Rules for Magnets

Puzzle #1
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Puzzle #2
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Puzzle #3
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Puzzle #4
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