Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Puzzle #104: Yajilin

I had a pretty good weekend solving sudokus. I finished 13th in the Swiss championship, finishing all puzzles within the set 2 hours. I knew I wouldn't at all be close to the top solvers, so just happy I finished all. I had a lot of trouble with the half squares sudoku and messed up the thermometers on the first try. Although when I recognised my mistake I could just use the second option and the solve was far easier than purely logical.
My Sudoku 8x8 solve leaves me with a bit of mixed feelings. On the one hand I equaled my best performance in an LMI Sudoku test, on the other hand I screwed up in both parts and could have possibly gotten my first top 10 finish. In part A I made a few transposition errors in the Foursome Sudoku, leading to digits in the wrong place and thus having to restart even though the grids I had solved at that point were correct. In part B I wasted my first 20 minutes breaking the Skyscraper, Irregular without regions and Irregular Cube and only finishing the Cube in the end. When I finally got going, I managed to brush off 10 more puzzles in the remaining 44 minutes, but it could have all been far better. But in the end I did as well as I had hoped for both tests.

Now about today's puzzle. On May 10th there was a sudden spike of blog visits, which coincided with the arrival of my latest Akil Oyunlari magazine. This issue featured 4 Yajilin and 4 Tapa puzzles by my hand. Most visits to my blog that day featured my Yajilin pages. So from that I'm guessing people liked them and wanted to try some more. I do think that my Yajilin puzzles on my blog have generally been well received, so I decided to post another one for that reason today. This one is a bit larger than my normal ones, but not as big or challenging as my previous oversized Yajilin. I do think it's again a nice layout of givens, so enjoy.

Rules for Yajilin

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  1. Nice puzzle. Took me embarrassingly long to figure things out in the right.

    I did horribly on all tests this weekend. The Swiss one, I took a cumulative time of 40 minutes over the course of the test for the Irregular and Halved squares together.

    The LMI one, I'm not even gonna start on how bad that one went.

    1. The irregular in the Swiss went really fast for me. It had the handy extra Hidden Windoku regions you could exploit.

    2. I know. I solved it pretty fast later. I just generally panic on all irregular/toroidal grids in competition scenarios. Need to work on that. I've worked on my Classic Sudoku handicap quite well by now, on a positive note.