Saturday 9 March 2013

Daily League Sudoku #7: Ten Box Sudoku

I know there haven't been many puzzles from me lately, but my puzzle creating has been directed at other projects. A number of Puzzle Championships are coming up to which I contributed and I'm also working on contributing to Thomas Snyder's puzzle project. This all means there will be that eventually I will be posting a lot of puzzles after this is all over.

I'm still finding some time to make a Sudoku each week as that is a welcome break from making puzzles. For me in general designing a Sudoku just feels a bit different than designing any other puzzle. Although my puzzle mind still drives itself through in my Sudoku sometimes. This leads to me putting some more puzzly deductions in a Sudoku that I find very simple. For last week's Sudoku this was oriented around R5C5. I thought the deduction for that cell was pretty obvious, except I think that deduction got a lot of people very stuck and led to much slower times than I had expected.

This week I made a Ten Box Sudoku, which is a nice variation of the Toroidal Sudoku. I remember this variant from the WSC 2010. I liked that puzzle. It was also in the round I did best in. I still have a certificate from that round, showing that I was the best puzzler not in the top 10 in that round. It's not that hard a puzzle, but the variant has some tricks that really suit me so I'm reserving judgement on the actual times of the league's competitors.

In the last week we've seen the following Sudokus: Seungjae Kwak's Magic Summer Sudoku, Fred Stalder's Arrow Sudoku, Prasanna Seshadri's Search 9 Sudoku, Bastien Vial-Jaime's Renban Groups Sudoku, Rishi Puri's Even Odd Chessdoku, Tom Collyer's Number 8 Still Alive Sudoku.

Lastly, the PDF of week 7.

Rules for Sudoku

This Sudoku is made up of 10 rows, 10 columns and 10 3x3 boxes. Some of the boxes wrap around the edges of the grid.

Click to enlarge

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