Saturday 23 March 2013

Daily League Sudoku #9: Kid Sudoku

This week's Sudoku is a Kid Sudoku. When I first saw the idea, I just thought it was a funny idea. I don't remember where I first saw it though. I tried googling for other examples, but that proved to be unsuccesful. Apparently there are A LOT of websites with Sudokus for kids. I'm generally a fan of Sudokus with summed clues, so this was right up my alley for design. I wrote this puzzle in an hour long train ride back home. The opening was set up pretty quickly. I had an idea, it worked and as this type only clues in one direction, I knew I could always make the rest of the puzzle work. The center 99999 clue was something I wanted to keep in and in continuing the design it worked nicely with the clues. Finishing the puzzle took me a few tries so that there were no obvious new openings. I'm not sure how hard this puzzle is, but I suspect it to again be on the harder side. Hope everyone still enjoys it though.

A recap of the last Daily Week: Sunday's Rossini with Disjoint Groups Sudoku by Seungjae Kwak Monday's Irregular Sudoku by Fred Stalder, Tuesday's Weighted Killer by Prasanna Seshadri, Wednesday's Thermo Sudoku by Bastien Vial-Jaime, Thursday's Even/Odd Skayscraper Sudoku by Rishi Puri, Friday's Twodoku by Tom Collyer.

Pdf files of the last 2 weeks:
Week 8
Week 9

Rules for Sudoku

The clues on the outside are given by a kid that can't count past 9. He adds up all digits in each row from left to right. Every time the sum would go over 9 he restarts. So for example the clue for the row 154638279 would be 649899.

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