Wednesday 15 February 2012

Puzzle #98: LITS; Cube

I know I'm a day late. Yesterday was Valentine's Day. This puzzle I made for my girlfriend, who luckily thinks me being able to make puzzles is awesome. So every year I make a special puzzle for Valentine's day.  This year I made a LITS puzzle on cube. I build the cube out of cardboard as you can see in the picture.
The puzzle for you is an unconstructed cube, which you can fold. The red lines are to fold, but otherwise mean nothing special.

Rules for LITS

This puzzle is on a cube, running over all 6 sides. Normal rules of LITS apply. No corner of the cube can be fully coloured. The pink areas are only for aestetics.

[Edit 19/02/12: Fixed small uniqueness issue in left face]

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  1. Just got through solving this, and even through all the migraine it caused trying to solve it on Paint, it was a beautiful puzzle. Really liked how some of the shapes worked together (the E!), and the uniqueness by the contiguous condition at the end was a golden touch.

    Thanks for another very enjoyable puzzle.

    Feel a bit nauseous now though...

  2. I've also solved it now. I think I put it off when you posted it and then forgot… Really need to make that puzzle tracking system.

    I got through well in the end despite not printing it -- imagining the shapes of tetrominos crossing the edges and changing direction increased the challenge a bit I think. I wonder if a layout like the following makes it easier: