Friday 24 February 2012

TVC X Practise Part 3

TVC X starts tomorrow. There's been an errata file posted with some clarifications on the rules which should be handy to read before the start. Especially for the Shortest Segment Tapa, it is very important. But if you have done my practise puzzles, you should be clarified on those rules as my puzzle matches the rule. Also the points table has been announced on the forum.
There was a sudden surge of visits to my practise puzzles this morning. That's because my practise puzzles are now featured on the TVC X main page, which is greatly appreciated.

I put out the option for requests for more practise puzzles.The request was for Magnetic Tapa and Combination Tapa, which are posted below.
The Combination Tapa worked out okay. I still think it can all work out a bit cleaner, but it's still not totally a Tapa to me. You don't do much solving Tapa wise as the wall construct is also used in genres like LITS and Nurikabe.
I'm again very happy with the Magnetic Tapa. I had mentioned before how I thought the Magnetic Tapa would probably be in between the first 2 puzzles I posted and this is what I had in mind. There's Tapa clues in the grid, but the puzzles isn't close to being unique by only using the Tapa clues.

Puzzles can be found below.

Rules for Tapa

5. Combination Tapa

Follow regular Tapa rules. All grey cells should contain clues with digits 1-5. All grey clues are different. The digits outside the grid indicate the length of the first segment seen in that direction.

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7. Magnetic Tapa

Follow regular Tapa rules. Additionally the grid is made up of magnetic and non-magnetic plates. The Tapa wall is made up of non-magnetic plates. Each magnetic plate has a positive (+) and negative (-) side. Sides with the same symbol can't be orthogonally adjacent. The numbers outside the grid indicate how many of the indicated symbol appears in that row or column.

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  1. All these puzzles are excellent, some of them among your best imo, thanks!

    1. Thanks. I'm not completely surprised some of these came out really nice. I sometimes outdo myself on first tries for a new genre or variant, where I create a particularly nice puzzle and then run out of inspiration to make anything comparable to it. I think the prime example was my first Walls puzzle, which I haven't really created anything satisfactory anymore since.

  2. Nice set of puzzles. Thank you.
    Combination Tapa is very good, especially the starting. I think there is only one logical break-in.
    Magnetic Tapa though I was not able to solve, I got the feeling that it is a good one.


    1. For this one, start from the bottom Tapa clue. It requires a little insight to see which option is correct.

    2. I think a good puzzle should have a single break-in.Thats what makes for a logical path.
      I liked the combination back in the first post much more than this one though :)