Monday 13 February 2012

TVC IX Recap

So, I finished second, which is my first podium finish on an LMI-test. I think making all these puzzles helped me in doing well. The most use I got from preparing the No Squares and Total False Tapa. I picked up some number patterns that also came back directly in the puzzles. The Tapa line helped see how the path creeps through certain holes. The least useful was probably making the Digital Tapa and Battle Tapa. The Digital Tapa in the test was a bit gimmicky, which I'm never much a fan of for tests. The Battle Tapa was designed around the fleet, whereas I designed the fleet around the Tapa.
I hope others found them useful as well. If people want me to make a set for the following TVC's, I'll give it a go for those too. I just hope the instruction booklet is out a little bit earlier. One or two extra construction days would be helpful.


  1. I would love to see preparation tapas for the next TVCs from you.


  2. Actually I decided variant types of TVC X. But some of them are really new, and I should learn how they work. So I need to solve. Because sometimes the idea seem to me good, but after solving, my opinion may change. Also it is hard to make some Tapa variants and of course sometimes only solving examples don't give me enough clue about making difficulty . If I haven't enough time, I avoid them. But as I said I decided nearly all types and I've been starting to solve available examples and puzzles. Probably I'll make IB within 2 days. I hope that we can publish TVC X IB until Friday.

  3. That was a great effort bram.I tried only the no squares puzzle and it was good.

  4. Thanks for the puzzles, Bram.
    I went through all of them before the actual test - but rushing to get these samples and the actual test done a few hours before the test closes is highly not recommended.
    I had to keep my eyes open until 6am!

    Keep up the great work, both Bram and Serkan :)


  5. Congrats on the podium, and thanks again for the puzzles. I for one would love to see what you can make out of the types in the coming TVCs.

    For some reason can't post using my Wordpress profile.

  6. Thanks for the puzzles. They were really useful. Thank to you that I could make a better start than last year :)
    And yes, I'd like to solve your puzzles next time, too :)