Friday, 10 February 2012

TVC IX Practise Addendum

This addendum is being posted because of 2 reasons. One is to also post a Digital Tapa puzzle. Secondly because of a correction for the Tapa Guard puzzle. I jumped the gun on that variant and assumed that undivided cells could also contain multi-digit clues. Serkan rectified that this wouldn't be the case. I think it's more interesting for the genre to not have any divided clues, but maybe that's just my opinion. I think it would be nice to come back that way in another TVC.

The Digital Tapa puzzle isn't the most interesting, but it turned out okay. Last night's draft turned out non-unique as I had forgotten that 0 could be presented as a single digit clue. Some of the digits don't actually need a segment given, but I didn't want to do something that might not happen in the test. The layout is a bit dodgy with me doing it in paint.
Tapa Guard is now presented the way it would in the test. It makes the puzzle a bit easier, Especially the 1-5 clue, which I was really happy about working out.

Rules for Tapa

Digital Tapa

Follow regular Tapa rules. Each Tapa clue is represented in digital form, as shown below. However, some segments may be missing from the original numbers. There cannot be a 0 in a multidigit clue.

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Tapa Guard

Tapa clues have 2 functions:
1 - They function as normal Tapa clues.
2 - They indicate how many coloured cells can be seen in the corresponding directions. A digit in an undivided cell, may observe in any of the four directions.


  1. The additional Guarded Tapa was great, though the rule ambiguity caught me in a slightly different way: It took me quite a while to figure out that each of the 1s was supposed to affect a different direction.

    The Digital isn't unique for me right now, but I expect that I made a mistake somewhere.

    1. s/additional/original…

    2. Tapa Guard:
      It was an automatic assumption by me that each digit sees a different direction. But as I wasn't sure that was right, I asked in the TVC thread and there it came to light it was not relevant.

      Tapa Digital:
      I'm pretty sure it's unique. I reformatted what for me the reason I chose certain lines here: (hope this is clear)
      You can see some lines give more information than I intended. But there's no line that only disallows 7 and no line that is used by all if 1,2,3,4 and 5.
      I do now realise that the right bottom corner clue doesn't need the no 2 allowed information, but I used it in the design, it just became obsolete while finishing the puzzle.

    3. Yup, messed up the 0/2 clue.

  2. I rushed through your practice ones yesterday in order to finish them in time to give the TVC while I'm free. Missed out on these, but I think I did quite well on these two types in the test so its fine :P Thanks for the fun practice puzzles, they helped a lot.

  3. Great job Bram! I've solved most of them, really nice puzzles. You did really a practice test :) Cool! Maybe you should make all two Tapa pages for next Akil Oyunlari issue :)

    1. Thanks. The odd thing is that I hadn't had any inspiration for Tapa in a while. I tried making them, but nothing good came out. I hadn't planned on making one of each, it just happened. Had a good run on wednesday evening where I made 4 in a row without getting into trouble with uniqueness.

    2. Totally I understand you. Because sometimes I cannot make too. For example yesterday I made 2 classic Tapa for CTC, at least I assumed that I made :) When I check them, both were not unique. I tried to make unique, but I couldn't. I threw away, I tried making new ones, but I couldn't easily. I don't why, but I couldn't :) Maybe 1-2 hours later I easily made :)