Tuesday 19 June 2012

Double Trouble #7: Liar Loop and Maxi Loop

I guess this twin isn't very surprising. I did create the Liar Loop genre from the Maxi Loop genre. It has been the hardest one to acchieve so far though. I had attempted this a few times already, but it always lead nowhere. For this one I finally found a solid opening, that lead to good progress in both genres. Finishing it succesfully took some effort though. The puzzles both turned out well and I like the way clues keep helping in both genres.

Rules for Liar Loop

Rules for Maxi Loop

This puzzle can be solve as a Liar Loop puzzle. This one is the harder of the two puzzles. But that's mostly because Liar Loop is inheritently hard. It's a bit of a challenge to create really easy ones.
This puzzle can also be solved as a Maxi Loop puzzle. It's a bit easier than the Liar Loop puzzle. Main reason for this, is that I couldn't avoid using 1 clues for the Liar Loop puzzle.


  1. These were both fun and unexpectedly fluid solves. Impressive, thanks!

  2. Wow, this is an incredible combination, and two great puzzle. Really impressive.