Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Puzzle #117: Masyu; In and Out

There's been a few Masyu variants done with optional Black and White circles. Here's another one, with a extra twist. The twist is taken from the Castle Wall genre. I think the puzzle worked out nicely. The optional quality makes the puzzle a bit trickier. Maybe the next time I'd make the puzzle a bit bigger, to make the twist play out more.
I know I've been making more variants the last few weeks. That's why I've added an extra tag for all puzzle variants and hybrids to find them easier on the blog. I've left the variant tag off the Sudokus as every Sudoku is a Sudoku variant. If people think I should also add it to them, I will.

Rules for Masyu

Follow normal Masyu rules. Additionally, not every black and white circle has to be visited by the loop. If a black circle isn't visited, it will be located outside the loop. If a white circle isn't visited, it will be located inside the loop.


  1. I feel the whites here were predominantly responsible for solving progress.I could start easily in the bottom-left,but it was not easy to satisfy the black and white at r5C5and R6C6 at the same time.I didnt expect an alarming 8 blacks to be left out in the solution.

  2. Brilliant puzzle, thanks.