Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Puzzle #111: Tapa; Magnetic

This variant was my favourite in constructing during the whole TVC practise series. This was because I was able to do the most with it. I have always loved Magnets puzzles. The first time I encountered them in the Dutch magazine Breinbrekers, I instantly liked how the logic worked. Somehow it just clicked for me. I always have fun constructing them as well. You can have fun with them, especially if you leave out clues like in these puzzles I put on PuzzlePicnic: #1242 and #2160. The combination with Tapa makes for a whole different way of construction. But I liked them best where the Magnets clues lead to the most deductions, instead of the Tapa part.
I think the puzzle worked out well. I wanted to make a 111 themed puzzle and I think it worked out well. It's made in a 11x11 grid. There is one single 111 Tapa clues. It is almost perfectly themed with the magnets clues as well. Each side has 6 1 clues. Just couldn't get the columns set as a three 1 clues for both plus and minus. But I like how it turned out in the end.

Rules for Tapa

Follow regular Tapa rules. Additionally the grid is made up of magnetic and non-magnetic plates. The Tapa wall is made up of non-magnetic plates. Each magnetic plate has a positive (+) and negative (-) side. Sides with the same symbol can't be orthogonally adjacent. The numbers outside the grid indicate how many of the indicated symbol appears in that row or column.

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