Saturday, 2 June 2012

Puzzle #110: Star Battle; Clone

This week's puzzle making has been one big stretch of it-just-will-not-work. About every puzzle I tried to make, wouldn't work the way I wanted. When you add to that a bit (or a lot) of stubbornness and I end up restarting a lot of designs and constantly coming to the same conclusion and having to restart.
This puzzle hasn't been any different. I had a certain idea but every time I tried to execute it, I would be forced to break the opening and thus had to restart. So eventually I made it slightly different and an easier version of it. This is the result. I like the opening. I haven't fully checked if there are other ways to open it up, but I like where the intended one is located and how it runs the rest of the puzzle. The puzzle isn't easy, but I wouldn't say overly challenging. Just keep track well in all grids and you should be able to solve it.


Place 3 stars in every row, column and boldly marked area. All grids have the same solution. You'll need to use all grids to get to the solution.

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