Monday, 31 December 2012

Puzzle #147: All Seeing Snake

This puzzle came about after the For-Smarts Anniversary contest on LMI, where it was one of the puzzle types. I figured the rules had enough constraints to make a unique digit puzzle possible. As I needed a few puzzles with higher digits, I opted to try a puzzle with all 6 digits, as any higher would probably be too difficult. Played a bit with the grid sizes to see what would work best. Eventually this puzzle popped out. When I noticed it would have to be a 67 cell snake to make it unique, I opted to add an empty cell marked with an X, so the length would be 66 cells, as I thought that would fit in nicely with the 6 theme of the puzzle.
The puzzle is of medium/hard difficulty. Make sure to remember to make the Snake the right length.

6 - All Seeing Snake

Draw in the grid a snake of 66 cells. The body of the snake cannot touch itself, not even
diagonally. Numbers indicate how many segments of the snake are “seen” from this cell, not
counting the cell itself. Snake always makes a turn in the cells with numbers. The head and
the tail are not given and are subjects to determine. Cells with X remain empty.

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