Tuesday 12 February 2013

Polish Online Qualifiers: Magnets and Yajilin

The Polish online qualifiers were held December last year. You can find the puzzles and sudokus here: Puzzle Set 1, Puzzle Set 2, Sudoku Set 1, Combination Set. I'm not sure on the details what each set was used for as I can't read Polish. I contributed 2 puzzles, which can be found in the first Puzzle Set. They are a Yajilin and a Magnets puzzle. I tried to make them easy, but I was told after the testing that the Magnets puzzle still wasn't very easy. I seem to not able to write easy Magnets puzzles. I'm guessing some of the deductions just come standard to me but they don't come standard to others. They're both still nice puzzles, so hope you enjoy them too.

Rules for Yajilin

Rules for Magnets

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