Sunday 3 January 2016

Daily League #54: Odd Sudoku

I had a few ideas for the next theme. One of them I couldn't really get to work the way I wanted. I had 2 puzzles that worked, but I didn't see me managing to find any more. Another theme has been done a few times by Fred Stalder, so I'll leave that one for later. The other theme might have been badly received by the same Fred Stalder, so I figured that's not the best way to start of the new year. So after rejecting a few themes, I settled on a simple one. This theme is Odd. It's not very original. As I don't write many classic variants, I figured it would be nice to write a simple variant for once.

The first puzzle is of course just a normal Odd Sudoku. I'm happy how it turned out. I think it looks nice with the four circle layout. It took a few tries as I kept having to add clues in other places to make it unique. It's not a hard puzzle, so it will probably be solved a lot more than some of my other puzzles. I hope people at least enjoy it.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku, grey cells must contain odd digits only.

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  1. Hi Bram,
    Thank you for taking care of my opinion for your first sudoku of the year.
    Please don't restrict your imagination on your blog. Even if our league is about sudoku, it's not a competition and even less an official competition. Be sure that I'll not criticize a choice of puzzle presented for the league. I only wish that my arguments about sudoku are taken into account for official sudoku tournaments, i.e. qualifications for WSC in my country - since 2012 I organized it, so I don't have to complain - and tournaments organized by the WPF: sudoku GP and WSC. These are the competitions which provide a national and worldwide "official ranking", so I expect them to be 100% about sudoku. I respect authors who want to create puzzles that go out of sudoku (I guess your theme was linked with that point), these puzzles surely deserve to be created and the league can also be used to present puzzles which cannot be integrated in any competition for any reason (I have used it this way for sudokus I created that were too difficult for competition).

    1. I know. I'd just like to get the Logic Puzzle theme to shine through as Sudokus a bit more though. I can easily get distracted by the variant, even when solving.