Sunday, 24 January 2016

Daily League #57: Odd's Neighbours Sudoku

This is the fourth Sudoku in the Odd Sudoku series. It's a new variant called Odd's Neighbours Sudoku. It is similar to Next To Nine Sudoku. In this Sudoku, digits on the outside are the digits next to the second odd digit in that row or column. The second odd digit works the nicest in my mind, as the first odd digit has five single digit clues per side. I played around with a lot of similar ideas like this, but this was the one I thought worked the nicest. I actually think there's a lot of different things happening in this genre and it's one of my favourite variants I came up with.

It was a bit of trouble thinking of a nice opening, but I think this way works well. I figured out a few different openings, but this was the first I came up with. At the start I thought I would need a lot of clues to get this puzzle to work. But as I got through the opening I noticed I would need a lot less clues than I had at first imagined. I liked how the neighbouring digits worked together with the second odd digit rule. I think this was my favourite puzzle to design in the series.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku digits on the outside indicate the direct neighbours off the second odd digit in that row or column, when looking from that side.

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