Thursday 14 January 2016

TVC XVIII Practise: Introduction

TVC XVIII is on this weekend. It will feature ten Tapa variants, five of which have not appeared in the TVC previously. These variants are Tapa LITS, Different Tapa, Not Alone Tapa, Black Hole Tapa and 4x4 Tapa.

Some examples of these new variants can be found online.

Tapa LITS:
Grandmaster Puzzles
A Cleverly Titled Logic Puzzle Blog (Streampunk/Tetra Firma)

Different Tapa:
Maybe Puzzles

This post will also contain some examples of the known variants that have featured on this blog below.
Rules for Tapa

1. Tapa With Borders.

Follow standard Tapa rules. Additionally, there is a 6x6 puzzle hidden in this 10x10 grid. Locate the puzzle and solve the remaining grid.

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 2. Tapa-Like Loop

In this Tapa the wall is formed by a single continuous loop. Clues inside the grid represent the number of neighbouring cells visited by the loop. If there is more than one number in a cell, each number should represent a separate section of the loop. In this puzzle, the no 2x2 rule of Tapa does not apply.

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7. Dissected Tapa

Follow standard Tapa rules. Additionally the white cells and black cells form two congruent shapes. Clue cells count a white cells. The shapes may be rotated or reflected.


  1. For Dissected Tapa, why do the directions *always* say "the shapes may be rotated or reflected"? As far as I can tell, the only time a valid tapa either uses reflection or doesn't need rotation is when one dimension of the grid is 1 or 2. Am I missing something?

    1. It's because these variant rules are literally taken from Dissection puzzles. In Dissection puzzles making this distinction is more relevant.