Sunday 17 January 2016

Daily League #56: Odd Arrow Sudoku

This is the third Sudoku in the Odd Sudoku series. It is called Odd Arrow Sudoku. I haven't seen this variant before. It is a simple variant of Arrow Sudoku. In this puzzle the digit in the circle indicates the amount of odd digits along its arrow.

When first starting the design, I wasn't sure how to create a nice opening. I knew I had to have longer arrows to create an interesting puzzle as otherwise the possibilities in the circle would be too limited. After choosing this layout, I had a bit of trouble creating an opening. After a few tries, I had a nice opening. It wouldn't really become unique though. I could fix it with extra givens, but I'd rather not. When I added the arrow in the centre nonet, it allowed me to remove some givens to rework the end of the puzzle a bit. In the end this was the result and I think it's a nice solve. Enjoy.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku, a digit in a circle indicates the number of odd digits along its arrow.

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  1. The word "amount" is totally confusing.It could(in fact should)have been worded as the number of odd digits along the arrow.On sudoku cup,the rules are given totally wrong stating that the digit in the circle is the SUM of odd digits along its arrow.I solved it the same way and wasted a hell lot of time and I also noticed many of the top solvers too have gone wrong thinking it that way.I just watched a solve on sudokucup where to my dismay people who solved it correctly interpreted it as the number of odd digits along the arrow.Damn.So frustrating..The word amount can mean sum too....Please don't make the rules ambiguous..

    1. I informed Karel that his wording of the rules on SudokuCup was wrong when the puzzle was just posted. He said he would fix that but clearly he never did. That is not my fault as I don't control that website.

      Please take into consideration that English is not the main language of most people and to me this didn't sound unambiguous.

  2. I don't mean to be rude but amount is something used to indicate the sum or the total of something.I get it now that you are referring to the number of odd digits as the "amount" and as the total here .But stating that as just the number of odd digits would have been more simpler and much more effective in conveying the meaning.Even during the solve when I broke the first instance,I revisited this website to check if I am missing something and if the rules are different than the one in sudokucup but I found amount here which was literally conveying the same meaning as in the website and never realized anything amiss at all.

  3. Great sudoku type, Bram! I am wondering whether we have still some free space at the WSC :)