Thursday 27 September 2012

Puzzle #132: Complimentary Hexa Sudoku

Before the Sudoku craze Hexa number place was my favourite variant. I like how it didn't have all numbers in every row and the 3 direction configuration led to some fun interactions. I haven't really seen many of these in a while though as most people have gotten to writing Sudoku variations in standard grids. I recently tried to write some again and this is one of the results.
I combined this puzzle with a variant I saw while test solving the Hungarian Sudoku Championship. Those were my favourite sudoku puzzles I tested. I thought it worked well together in a Honeycomb grid.


Place the digits 1~9 in every cell, so that no digit is repeated in any row in any of the three directions. When a dot is given between three cells, it means that two of the digits add to the third digit. Not all dots are given.

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  1. Bram,

    I thought this was an outstanding puzzle. It would be possible to use a white dot to indicate three consecutive numbers. And to give all possible dots. I think these would all be very satisfying variations. But thank you for posting this.

    As I wasn't able to travel to the WSC/WPC this year, I'm looking forward to seeing your puzzles. However, I may not be able to do them until after the champiosnhips are over.

    Good luck in WPC.

    David McNeill.

    1. Thanks. I like the white dots idea. If you are going to give all dots, you should really work to fairly minimise them. Otherwise you'd get a lot of adjacent dots as 2 cells touching the same pair of connected cells are regularly the same number.

      Hopefully you can make next year. Beijing should be great.