Friday 5 October 2012

World Puzzle Championship 2012: Round 8 Assorted Puzzles

This round lasts one hour and features mostly new puzzle types. Most are small variations or hybrids on known puzzle types. It's hard to judge how this round will go. We will see in about an hour.
The puzzles I made an example of were Pipeline, which is a U-bähn variant, Russian Field, which is a simple division puzzle, Coded Tetramino, a tetramino division variant and Squares, a possibly annoying squares placement puzzle. I chose these ones, because I had some idea of what to put in these puzzles. Another possibly challenging one was Dominoes in the Water, but I had no real idea how this would look and thus how to construct an example.
The Pipeline puzzle is pretty simple once you get the basics. The Russian Field is relatively tricky as it features a silly trick. But the small size should compensate. The Coded Tetramino should be somewhat challenging. I employed one possible opening in the puzzle. Also the easiest to build in. The Squares puzzle is pretty easy. I am not that handy in constructing this type.
Have fun with them.

Puzzles can be found below.

8-1 Pipeline

Reconstruct a pipeline layout in the grid. The pipeline is built up of 3 different pieces. Some squares are left unused. Numbers outside the grid indicate how many of each piece is used and how many cells are left blank in each row and column. In the final pipeline layout there's a single path following the pipes entering the top left square and exiting the bottom right square. This path passes through all squares with a pipeline. The path isn't allowed to pass through a cell twice unless it crosses itself.

8-3 Russian Field

Divide the grid along the lines into 8 fields of size 1~8. Each field is a different size. All intersections where 3 lines meet are marked in the grid. There can be no itnersections where 4 lines meet.

8-6 Coded Tetramino

Divide the grid along the gridlines into tetraminoes. Each tetramino must contain exactly one letter. All identical shapes should contain the same letter. All identical letters should be in the same shape. Rotation and reflections are considered the same shape.

8-11 Squares

Draw 6 squares of six squares of different size ranging form 1~6 along the grid lines. Squares can cross eachother but they are not allowed to share a side or corner, not even partially. Numbers in the grid the sum of side length of the squares that cover it.

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