Monday, 31 December 2012

Puzzle #143: Sum Skyscrapers

This year we're starting the countdown with an easier puzzle than last year. The Killer Sudoku then was probably the hardest in the set. This time it's another sum variant, except this time it's a Skyscraper. This puzzle was again the first one I made. It was just one I made quickly about a month back and figured I should give this thing another go. I thought I might get things done in time this time, but in the end a lot of postponing and doubt on the genres to use, made me still trying to construct puzzles the last days before New Year's. I guess I work better with an imminent deadline.
The puzzle is easy/medium difficulty. Hope you enjoy it.

10 - Sum Skyscrapers

Rules for Skyscrapers

This skyscraper uses the digit 1~6. The numbers outside indicate the sum of the visible digits.


  1. Before I begin, I'm assuming digits are still 1-n where n is the length/width of the grid? That is, no blank squares and no weird sets of numbers?

    1. It's a regular 1~6 Skyscraper. Adjusted the rules.