Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Puzzle #100: Maxi Loop

What is this? A puzzle and it's not a Tapa? How odd. It means I'm resuming my puzzle posts. I tried to make something special for puzzle #100 but my idea crashed and burned. It now occupies about 3 pages in my notebook but still isn't finished as it doesn't want to cooperate into a solvable, unique puzzle. It was actually my second idea as I had an idea with cubes at first. But I scrapped that idea as I got no comments on my LITS cube. I was really happy with that puzzle and was expecting some feedback on it. I figure no one felt like solving a puzzle on a cube when they have to construct it themselves.
Here's a Maxi Loop puzzle. I hadn't posted one in a while as I made the choice to put out Liar Loop puzzles instead. I think it worked out well. It's relativey difficult. The most tricky deductions come towards the end on the left side of the puzzle.

Rules for Maxi Loop

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