Thursday 22 March 2012

Puzzle #101: Island

Another easier Island puzzle. I like the layout, just couldn't get all circles in order.

Rules for Island


  1. I really need to solve some more of these, I suck at them. Nice easy puzzle, took far too long to figure it out.

    Btw, regarding your feelings about the LITS cube in the previous post, personally I have the problem of not having a printer at home, and am too lazy to go and get it printed :P Was saving it up for when I do buy my own printer which will be soon.

    Just thought I'd get it all out in one comment.

  2. These are so weird. I did this one totally on instinct and it fell pretty quickly. I think I followed the most natural path too, started from the 4 in the lower left, then did top left corner, bottom left, bottom right and top right. However, I cannot, simply cannot, do these entirely logically. And by this I mean getting 100% sure that my path is correct.

    Fun puzzle btw :)

  3. I just love these Island puzzles. I've open a new thread in the "enjoysudoku" forum (forum-dot-enjoysudoku-dot-com) i.e. what used to be Sudoku Players's forum at sudoku-dot-com. I will also post my walkthrough (using "pure logic") for this puzzle and other Island puzzles there.