Tuesday 13 March 2012


Sorry for the long hiatus. I'd been trying to make something special for puzzle 100, but I have a feeling that is never going to come together the way I want it. Most likely I will just start posting puzzles again and not worry to much about outdoing myself. And if I ever manage to create something special I will just post it as normal, like what I did with my Four Colour Loop.

As for TVC XI, I will again try to post a set of practise puzzles. I've gone over the instruction booklet and I suspect it's going to be a challenge though. Cihan Altay has always been a puzzle maker that can confuse me to no end. You can't accuse him of lack of creativity, but I sometimes think it's going a bit crazy.
It's also a bit how I feel now having read through the instruction booklet.

I have 2 options to post these puzzles. I can again deliver the puzzles in 1 or 2 big batches like I did before. The first batch will then probably come wednesday evening the earliest. I think this is nicest for post count and makes it look more organised. The other option would just be to post a puzzle whenever I finish one. I will probably be a bit chaotic, jumping all over the puzzle booklet as I don't really construct all puzzles in order. I tend to just work on what puzzle type gives me inspiration at the moment. I have posted the puzzles nicely in order before, but that's not the order in which they were constructed. If people prefer me posting puzzles whenever they are ready, I'll go for that but my preference goes to the batching.

I hope to get everything ready by Friday, but I can't promise anything. Just hope whatever is ready will be helpful.


  1. Milestones are overrated in my opinion - fine if you've got something in mind but otherwise not worth running yourself into the ground for. I think I got a little lucky putting together a yajilin for week 100, and I had a half-arsed attempt at some 2012 puzzles at the start of the year, but otherwise my efforts have been distinctly oblivious to any sort of milestone!

    1. I know. I had already stated before when I made the Four Colour Loop that I had 2 ideas for puzzle 50, the first one ended up going to 69. This idea is just stubborn. I'll figure out how to get it to work eventually, but after the TVc I'll just start posting again.

  2. I would like to prefer, when you post your practice puzzles when they are ready.


  3. Its as you wish really. From my side, just try and get out all you make before Friday if possible, as I will most probably be test solving this one too.

    As for 100, even I'm stumped on what to do and will probably go with nothing. Maybe I'll keep a placeholder like Tom's done sometimes before and move on to the next number till I get something done :P