Wednesday, 28 March 2012

TVC XII Practise Part 2

Here is the second part of practise puzzles. This set contains a Broken Tapa, Tapa Tapa and a Sweeper Tapa. I've recreated the Sweeper Tapa. This is because I agreed with the comments that it might be a bit too hard for a practise puzzle. I think this one flows a bit smoother, but still uses the same opening and a similar layout as the first puzzle.
The Broken Tapa is a challenging puzzle. But I expect the actual puzzle on the test will also be challenging. Of course I won't know for sure till I see the points table tomorrow. I still think it's a fun puzzle though.
The Sweeper Tapa should be a bit nicer than my first one. Sometimes you need that extra bit of time to make the puzzle better.
The Tapa Tapa worked out okay. It's a nice variation, except I find the 1 clue constraint around the cities a bit restricting as they block a lot of the paths for the Tapa. Remember that the numbers indicate the shortest possible routes.

Puzzles can be found below.

Rules for Tapa

5. Broken Tapa

Fit the given pieces into the grid without rotating or reflecting. The pieces may not overlap. Then solve the puzzle as a regular Tapa.

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7. Sweeper Tapa

Use regular Tapa rules. After the wall is blackened no symbol may appear more than once in every row or column.

10. Tapa Tapa

Follow regular Tapa rules. Additionally each train represents a city. The shortest possible distance between certain cities are given. The shortest distance is the shortest of all routes traveling horizontally and vertically along the Tapa wall that touches 2 cities (diagonal touching is enough). Cities can have Tapa clues which only use the digit 1, appearing as many times as necessary.

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  1. I guessed myself to a solution for the Tapa Tapa that seems to be ambiguous. Probably I'm missing something again, but what?

    1. In your solution the shortest route for AC is 12.

    2. I see, thanks! I'd neglected the left part for some reason.

  2. If I'm right, he's got the 2 of the 2-1-1's placement wrong there, as per my solution anyway(would be a nice verification of my own solve).

    I got the Sweeper quite easily this time. I even understood where I got stuck in the last one. Nice start up logic. The Broken pieces will probably have to wait for when I can go get a print out since its pretty difficult to solve those online.