Monday 26 March 2012


The first observation one can make in this test is that the definition of Tapa is being stretched a bit for this test. Wired Tapa and Tapa Like Loop don't really seem to be actually Tapas to me. They just employ a similar clue type. I somewhat feel that if there isn't a Tapa Wall, it's not a Tapa.
Secondly, many of these variants already have a few examples available. I've collected the places I have been able to find examples of the puzzles in this test.

Palmer Mebane's Practise Set:

Visionary Tapa: 
TVC XI  practise:

Make Room for Tapa:
Thomas Snyder's Blog:

Twilight Tapa: 
Logic Master's Deutschland:
Palmer Mebane's Blog:

Compass Tapa:
Takeya Saikachi's Blog:

Broken Tapa:
Logic Masters India, Broken Pieces:
Logic Master India, Best of LMI Puzzle Tests:

Roman Tapa:

Tapa Like Loop:
Takeya Saikachi's Blog:

Tapa Borders:
Palmer Mebane's Blog:


  1. Great idea to list it all. I agree about Tapa-like loop. Coincidentally, a month or so ago I had no idea it was already existing and was actually about to make it for my blog and then chucked it because I too felt it wasn't really a Tapa and I was feeling like a Tapa that day. Still seems a fun puzzle though, so not too many complaints from my side.

    Some of the other types are really wonderful. Roman, Compass, Borders etc will be a lot of fun. Overall, looking forward to this test.

  2. "Wired Tapa and Tapa Like Loop don't really seem to be actually Tapas to me"

    Zoltan sent the Wired Tapa idea last year. When i first saw this, honestly i wasn't impressed at all. Then this year, another puzzle maker sent same idea. So i thought i must use this idea as Zoltan's. So this is the reason.

    About Tapa - Like Loop. Yes i agree with you, this is not totally Tapa. So i changed some rules, and i made an example, but i wasn't satisfied. Original one seemed to me better, so i kept original version of the type even if it is not totally Tapa.