Friday, 6 October 2017

WSC Practice #6: Round 9 - Puzzle 6: Crossed Sudoku

This is the 6th practice puzzle for the 2017 WSC.

This is not a very new variant. There's been similar variants, one of them being Shaken Clones Sudoku, where digits have to be the same within certain shapes. The only thing different seems to be that the shape is set for this variant. I haven't solved many of these though, so I figured writing one would be good practice for me.
This puzzle is pretty standard. There's not really anything difficult in this puzzle. It just explores the standard things in this genre. If you want a more challenging version of this puzzle, you can remove the 2 in R5C5. The puzzle is still unique that way, but the solving process gets a bit more complicated. You can still get through it logically, but it really isn't that nice. I had made a bad deduction in construction, but it somehow hadn't affected uniqueness. I only found out in the resolve. I decided to add the 2 to just have a smooth solve again.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku, all crosses contain the exact same 5 digits in any given order. Digits may repeat along a cross.


  1. ..7:16..Very Nice.I didn't try without the 2 though :)

  2. 7.25 without the 2.
    Nice and smooth :)