Thursday 8 September 2011

Puzzle #1: Slitherlink

Rules for Slitherlink

This puzzle is a standard Slitherlink. I know I said I would post variations, but I figured I should at least post one normal puzzle if I'm going to post variations on certain puzzle types. This puzzle is anti-symmetric. Every square rotationally symmetric to a 0 has a 3 and vice versa. The same goes for all 1 and 2 clues.


  1. Running through your blog for the first time. Catching up from the beginning. Nice straightforward start. Thanks for putting these out there.


  2. Thanks for these - just getting into Slitherlink and love them! Do you have the answers/key posted anywhere?

    1. No, I don't have any answers or keys posted, but if you would need an answer to a particular puzzle you can email me if you want.